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Thanks to a generous donation of land Inspiration Stables will have a permanent home
 Inspiration Stables is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit adaptive horseback riding program for children with special needs. Our mission is to inspire hearts and hooves to build lasting relationships to promote wellness, healing, self-expression and meaning. We serve participants with special needs including Autism, Down Syndrome, stroke survivors, developmental delay, ADHD, ODD, Cerebral Palsy and others, leading to a variety of sensory, physical, emotional and behavioral challenges. The impact on the children we serve is far reaching. Participants get to ride a horse, play games, practice gross and fine motor skills, communicate effectively for a team goal all while building a solid trust in their equine partner. Most importantly, we provide a place for all people to belong and be accepted regardless of ability.

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Inspiration Stables has been blessed with generous community support in order to fulfill our mission.  Please consider choosing an item from our wish list to help us continue to grow and provide the best possible experience for our participants. 


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“Many years ago, my parents made the decision to purchase this land and begin farming. They put roots down on this personal piece of heaven so that they may provide for a future.
My dad and mom used this land to raise our family of six. Not only did it to provide a roof over our heads and put food on our table but also as a tool to teach us the nature of farming.
Six years ago, when Kay and I decided to move back to be closer to family, the land once again provided. My dad gifted us a small plot of his pasture to build on. Together mom and dad helped us transform it into home.
Here we are today, and the legacy my parents built is carrying on the tradition of providing for others. This land will be used not only for lessons for our own daughter, their granddaughter Hannah, but for countless other families.” – Greg Althoff