Horse Care



Lead a horse during a therapeutic riding lesson.  Your main focus is the horse.  You must allow the student to learn and steer the horse while staying in tune with the horse's reactions and maintain a safet environment.

Stable Management

Helping with basic chores, cleaning and maintaining tack, feeding, barn maintenance, etc.

Horse Handling

Catching, grooming, and tacking horses prior to a lesson.

Horse Evaluation

Assisting in evaluating horses for lease/donation to the program.  Extensive horse knowledge and experience required to participate.


Student Focus

Your main focus is stabilizing the student during a lesson.  You should not interfere with the lesson, but provide physical support as directed by the instructor and assist with comprehension of instruction as needed.




Help raise funds for our organization to grow and thrive.  Whether by working on grants, assembling outreach information, working a booth at a community event, or many other opportunities.

Help plan special events, property committee, horse care planning, etc.

Special Committees


I truly enjoy seeing the progress of the kids from their first time around the horses to seeing their confidence soar at their last lesson of the session.  Then, wanting to come back for more riding! - katie