Impact on a Child Award

Annual Volunteer Awards

“Inspiration Stables’ mission is to inspire hearts and hooves to build lasting relationships to promote wellness, healing, self-expression and meaning.  The relationships our volunteers build with our children and horses is what makes our organization impactful for those it serves.  The recipient of the Impact on a Child Award has gone above and beyond to connect with a child we serve and play a critical role in helping them achieve their goals.”


2021 Award Recipiant - Sharon Rindfleisch

2020 Award Recipiant - Amelia Frisch

2019 Award Recipiant - Beth Jarding

2018 Award Recipiant - Lynn Waelchli 

Greg Johnson Memorial Award


“Greg Johnson advocated for Inspiration Stables from the very beginning.  He strongly believed in the power of a horse to help a child.  Greg wanted the absolute best for his daughter, Lauren, and his passion for her well-being and growth was graciously bestowed on Inspiration Stables.  He went above and beyond to do whatever he could to help Inspiration Stables get started.  Greg helped promote the program in the community by participating in our promotional video.  He helped set up the tack room, fencing, and unloaded hay to get everything ready for the program to start.  Greg trusted us with Lauren to help her learn and grow in her horsemanship skills and as a person.  Her development at Inspiration Stables has inspired us all as she learned to speak “walk on,” begin posting work, steering, and stopping.  Greg’s incredible passion, commitment and belief in Inspiration Stables is the heart of what has allowed us to continue to grow and serve.  


Volunteers like Greg are our lifeblood and truly define our organization.  The Greg Johnson Memorial Volunteer Award is given to an Inspiration Stables volunteer who has gone above and beyond to make certain that our mission is fulfilled in every capacity.  This person will do whatever is necessary to see our participants succeed in their goals.  The deserving volunteer carries an attitude of gratitude and humble service to all those they encounter just as Greg did.”


2021 Award Recipiant  -Callie Lynch

2020 Award Recipiant - Jena Weist

2019 Award Recipiant - Callie Lynch 

2018 Award Recipiant - Lacey Schmelzer