Horses & Humans

Horses have an inherent ability to change the human experience without saying a single word.  Whether you are struggling with a physical challenge looking to improve strength, an emotional pain or trauma seeking healing and trust, a behavioral pattern working to develop coping strategies and connection or an intellectual need learning to input information in a new way, our horses can provide you with an opportunity to grow and succeed in ways you never thought possible.

- Horses Are Family Oriented



- Horses Can Read Human Emotions



- Horses Can Show Emotion



- Horses Can Literally Impact the Human Heart



- Humans Have a Natural Respect for Horses



- Horses Can Help Humans Improve Physically



- Horses Can Help Humans Develop Emotionally



- Horses Can Help Humans Recover From Trauma or Disability



- Humans and Horses Have Been Friends for Thousands of Years



- Humans Naturally Identify With Horses


Horses accept you wherever you are today.  They live in the present moment, always.  They don’t hold grudges as we learn.  They don’t find fault in us.  They are a mirror to our souls, and they ask us to become a better version of ourselves every day.  As we grow in our connection with them, we grow in our connection with ourselves.  Come learn from the best 1000 pound teacher you will ever have in a sandy arena without hearing a single word.