Pony Express

Inspiration Stables has traditionally served exclusively children with special needs.  We are expanding programming to serve additional client groups who will benefit from equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) where they are.  Horses have an extremely strong heart rhythm or heart energy field. Equine assisted therapies have conducted studies, using HeartMath, showing horses assisting in healing humans. This occurs when a horse’s heart rhythm is strong enough to influence, like a magnet, the human’s heart rhythm, thus aiding in regulating, calming, neurochemistry within the brain.  (ref. HeartMath.org, Tao of Horsemanship).

The Pony Express will bring Inspiration Stables’ ponies out to memory care units of long-term care centers, residential care centers, childcare centers, senior programs, counseling centers, therapy providers and more to provide EAAT on-site.  These sessions will give participants something positive to look forward to each week, interactions with animals who will assist in their healing process, and joy. 

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