Queen is a 9 year old OTTB (off the tack Thoroughbred).  She is a big girl with a long, smooth gait.  With a little pep in her step, she loves to help kids learn to trot.  Her full movement is excellent for those working on balance.  Queen loves to be loved.

Jackson is a 9 year old OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred).  He comes to us from an eventing program in Missouri.  With the gentlest of personalities, Jackson is a barn favorite.  He loves and cares for his riders and offers a smooth, comfortable gait.  

Flash is an 18 year old Foxtrotter, Draft, Pinto cross.  He has a varied background in Western and English riding disciplines as well as use in camps and trail riding.  He is gaited, so offers our riders a different feel as they are learning to ride and working on a variety of objectives.








McCain is an 16 year old OTTB.  He has been off the track since he was 2 and in a hunter/jumper program ever since.  He is an intuitive personality and sensitive to his environment, which makes him the perfect horse for our team building program.