Julio is a 21 year old Andalusian/Arab who has spent most of his life as an competitive eventing horse and lesson horse.  He's jumped cross country courses and carried many students through the years as they learned to jump.  He was generously donated to us and is the perfect horse for walk/trot therapeutic riding lessons.  Our autistic children are particularly drawn to Julio and he to them.  We are grateful for such a sweet, well-mannered boy.

Jackson is a 9 year old OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred).  He comes to us from an eventing program in Missouri.  With the gentlest of personalities, Jackson is a barn favorite.  He loves and cares for his riders and offers a smooth, comfortable gait.  

Flash is an 18 year old Foxtrotter, Draft, Pinto cross.  He has a varied background in Western and English riding disciplines as well as use in camps and trail riding.  He is gaited, so offers our riders a different feel as they are learning to ride and working on a variety of objectives.








McCain is an 16 year old OTTB.  He has been off the track since he was 2 and in a hunter/jumper program ever since.  He is an intuitive personality and sensitive to his environment, which makes him the perfect horse for our team building program.