Our Herd

"Meet our incredible equine teaching partners!  These amazing 1000 pound animals willingly step into the arena every day to offer their bodies, hearts and souls to the special kids we serve"


Max is a 20 year old Saddlebred.  Max spent the majority of his life as a trail horse, 4-H horse, and working at horse and pony camp.  He loves kids and is tolerant of just about any situation.  He is easygoing and wants to please.  He works in therapeutic riding and hippotherapy.  His velvety coat is a favorite for our sensory kids.ank is a Quarter Horse who loves to pack kids around in the arena.  He enjoys having a job after some time off at home with his family. He prefers slower speeds and is grateful for lots of grooming and snuggles.


Cowboy is a 19 year old Quarter Horse. He has a quirky personality. He loves to be curious about his environment and get lots of love from his kids. He is likes varied work including trail rides, jumping, dressage, and pleasure rides.


Lippy is a Quarter Horse who has come out of retirement after having served his owner while she learned to ride and show in different disciplines. Lippy is a very quiet horse and enjoys his job.


Winchester is a 26 year old Quarter Horse. His owner is retiring from riding and wanted Winchester to have a great home. He spent his career traveling lots of trails and serving people of all ages.


Gracie is a 20 year old Quarter Horse who survived an accident early in her hunter/jumper career. She has been well-loved by her owner throughout her recovery and new career. She is now being shared with Inspiration Stables as an inspiring therapy horse. 


Rowdy is a spunky, Paint Miniature Horse.  He is curious about everything and is happiest when he is given a challenge.  He loves building and going through obstacle courses, walking with his kids and bringing joy to everyone he meets.


Royal is a very sweet and gentle miniature paint pony. She loves to be brushed and taken on walks.


Duke is a miniature pony. He has a fun personality and has a kind heart. He loves to be loved on and listens very well to commands. 

We believe strongly in keeping our horses as comfortable, safe and healthy as possible.  Horses that come to Inspiration Stables receive the highest level of care and are deeply loved


Let's take a look at a success story for one of our career therapy horses! 


Johnny Bones came to Inspiration Stables after being a career trail horse.  He started off very well in the program, but after his first summer season, he was consistently showing signs of lameness.  We did everything we could to identify the issue by assessing for abscess, having body work done to relieve muscle tension, targeted exercising to engage his hind and take pressure off his front end, and more, but nothing was working as a long-term solution.  After consultation with our vet, we identified that Johnny Bones suffers from navicular disease.  We now have him in wedged shoes and pads to take the pressure off his navicular bone and routinely administer OsPhos to help stop or reverse the effects on the navicular bone.  Johnny Bones now happily walks, trots, and canters around the arena.  

Furry Friends

This is Winter

He is a saanen goat with lots of spunk. 

This is Maple

She is an alpine goat and is the leader of the pack. 

This is Miracle

She is a saanen goat and loves cuddles. 

This is Dash

He is an alpine goat who is the baby of the bunch and tons of fun. 

This is Cutie

She is an Alpine goat. Cutie Maple's sister and  was the runt  of her litter. She has a tilted head and crooked tail.