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Sarah Weber Kumpf

Executive Director

Sarah's passion for horses and special needs children has brought Inspiration Stables to fruition.  She has a lifelong love of horses with fond memories of Western trail riding with her dad through her childhood years and competitive English riding as an adult.  Her horse partners were Duchess, a loving Morgan who was her favorite Christmas present when she was 12, and McCain, a mostly sweet and a little sassy OTTB, who taught her the jumping world and has protected her children as they have learned to ride.  Sarah has a very special place in her heart for special needs children and cherishes the many years she has volunteered and served the children at Hills at Dales as a Spiritual Enrichment teacher, Challenge Day team partner, and Board of Directors member.  The ability to bring this incredible service to our community is truly a blessing for her, and she looks forward to the immense impact Inspiration Stables will have on our community as a whole.

Melissa is a PATH Certified instructor who also loves to teach yoga!  Melissa brings a unique perspective to her teaching style by integrating a variety of different activities, stretches, breathing and mindfulness.  Positivity and smiles abound as she works with kids and horses alike.  We are so grateful to have her on our instructing team!

Dawn is certified in the Masterson Method and Equine Body Work Specialist as well as a PATH, Intl CTRI.  She has an amazing understanding and connection with the horse that makes her an incredible instructor.  She helps the kids to understand not only riding skills, but also empathy in building a relationship with their horse.  We are so grateful that she shares her passion and talent with us!

Callie has been with Inspiration Stables since the inception of the program.  She began as a mentor working with the children we serve.  From there, she became a horse leader building relationships with our program horses.  Callie is now our Horse Mentor working with our horses weekly for exercise riding, training, health care issues and conditioning.  She has built on her knowledge learned from owning her own horse and competing in 4H by working with our team.  Callie has grown so much in her two years with us!  Her commitment, dedication and true love of the horses makes her an invaluable team member.

Melissa Wolken


Dawn Rick 


Callie Lynch 

Horse Mentor & Instructor

Michelle has been a part of the Inspiration Stables family since the program began.  Her passion for our mission was evident from the first volunteer training she attended.  Michelle’s exceptional organizational and communication skills have been an incredible blessing to Inspiration Stables, and we are honored to have her supporting us as our Volunteer Coordinator.

Michelle Lynch

Volunteer Coordinator

Kristine has been a horse girl her whole life. Not coming from a horsey family, she begged her parents for a horse for many years and when she was 15 they finally let her get one. She had to learn a lot on her own. It hasn’t been easy but has given her deep gratitude for the mentors in her life (both horse and human) and the lessons they have all taught her. She knows that not everyone is blessed with the means and support to have horses in their lives, and so it’s become a personal mission of hers to help other horse-loving kids (and adults) get the chance to feel the gifts of calm, joy, freedom and confidence that horses so naturally give. Few things make her happier than witnessing this and she feels so lucky to be able to continue this personal mission with the fantastic people and horses of Inspiration Stables.


Kristine Jubeck


Hello!  My name is Beth Jarding and I have been volunteering with Inspiration Stables since 2018.  My passion has always been learning and exploring with children and so during the day, I work as an elementary teacher.  Being with kids all day long is a rewarding job, and I’m glad I’m able to continue that working with the program.  Even though I live on a farm, I don’t have any horse background, other than knowing that they are the most beautiful, calming animal around, but I’ve learned so much about horses and children while being a mentor in the program.  I can’t wait to learn how to ride one myself someday soon and am excited to be bringing yoga with the horses into the program. 


Taylor is a temporary licensed mental health counselor in the state of Iowa.  She has a great passion for working with children and incorporating animals, especially horses, into the work she does with children.  She is very enthusiastic about the work that Inspiration Stables does and is very excited to watch the program expand and grow to increase the help they can provide children and families.

Taylor Tittle

Program Director

Beth Jarding