“He doesn’t listen to me.” “She doesn’t get me.” “No one understands what I’m trying to say!” Ever find yourself saying these things to yourself? Maybe you need to learn to “flex” yourself. In this session, you will gain self-awareness by learning the 4 most common social styles. You will develop strategies for improving communication and interpersonal skills by learning to identify, flex, and build rapport quicker and with greater ease. You will leave with actionable goals for improving communication and working on your most challenging tendencies.

Do you have a quarterback that doesn’t know the rest of the team exists? Do you have a guy on the bench that you know has what it takes to be a point guard? Emotional Leadership will help to develop the leadership, or budding leaders, on your team to have a strong sense of self-awareness and their impact on the team. Coach them on ways to improve how they are viewed by their teammates and build a sense of teamwork through their actions. Each participant will develop their team dream board and take it back to begin leading in a whole new way.

Whether you feel you have a team of all-stars or rookies, this session will help each person to learn what actions make a sales superstar. They will identify what actions they are proficient in and other areas they may need improvement. By the end of the session, they will develop an action plan for the top two areas of growth to take back and work with their manager on.

Do you live in a growth or fixed mindset? Do you know? In this session, you will learn the difference between operating in a fixed versus growth mindset. Through a variety of activities, you will identify what boxes you in your cage and how you stand in your own way of growth and success. Throughout the session, you will build strategies to step outside the box and take it to the next level with an action plan to put in place to get you there.

Flex Yourself

Emotional Leadership

Growth Mindset

Building Sales Superstars 

Why Horses?

Equine-Assisted Learning

Horses are flight animals and are incredibly intuitive to the present moment. These 1200-pound animals help us become completely aware of our immediate existence and what is happening in the now. As “busyness-people” and “multi-tasking” executives, we are running a million miles an hour in our minds. Tackling problems, worrying, planning, processing, we are always in constant motion. With all this clutter, we don’t see what’s right in front of us nor how it is affecting us, those around us, and the outcome of our work and life. Horses take us from this chaos and bring us to the now…immediately. It’s pretty difficult to stand next to these powerful, sentient beings and not be acutely aware of them, if not ourselves. They are amazing in every aspect of the word. Physically, they have strength and power that can seem overwhelming to us as humans. Emotionally, they feel to their core and act purely on their intuition in the moment. Their ability to teach us is difficult to put into words. Their intuitive nature protects them, and their reactions allow us to see inside ourselves. Their herd dynamics teach us about communication, mostly importantly, the value of non-verbal communication.

Our Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) Team Building and Individual Personal Growth programs are a unique way for you to challenge yourself and learn more than you ever thought possible.  We are currently offer 4 standard EAL Team Building & Personal Growth programs:

Whether child or adult, equine-assisted learning (EAL) has something to offer everyone!