Board of Directors

Reggie Rowe, CPA


Reggie brings a wealth of knowledge in the accounting field as well as experience in working with other nonprofit organizations.  As a board member, Reggie is inspired to create a meaningful and valuable experience in the lives of others.  Reggie’s positive attitude and willingness to bring others to share in fulfilling our mission make him an incredibly valuable team member and partner as Inspiration Stables continues to grow.

Barb Sergio


Barb brings an incredibly diverse and successful background to the board at Inspiration Stables.  She has believed and supported our mission since its formative stages and continues to do everything she can to help us achieve all our goals.  Barb is a CPA, CMA, MBA and has served as a CFO and owner in previous lives.  She is an avid horsewoman who understands and has participated in many disciplines throughout her life and has been witness to the powerful connection between horse and human.  Barb is a generous and kind person who has compassion for all and a drive for success.  She is a blessing to Inspiration Stables and all we serve.

Dr. Helen Beck, DVM


Dr Helen is an equine veterinarian who believes strongly in the emotional and physical benefits of the human equine bond.  She brings incredible experience and expertise in equine health and behavior in assisting to make sure our equine partners are a great fit for our program and their well-being is of the utmost focus and concern in making strategic decisions.